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  • ESI Installs New High Teams Course for Detroit Public Scools

    ESI Installs New High Teams Course for Detroit Public Scools New Projects

    October 1, 2018 at 12:00 PM
    Michigans Camp Burt R Shurly gets New Challenge Course Program


    The Mid-Wests own Experiential Systems just completed a new challenge course installation for Detroit Public schools residential summer camp – Camp Burt R Shurly in Greggory Michigan. 

    The custom designed ropes course, climbing tower and zip line project was awarded to Experiential Systems after a public RFP process held in June of 2018. With summer camp in session till August 13th and grant requirements for a project completion no later than September 27th; ESI had only 45 days to make the camps dream course come to life. 

    Immediately after being awarded the project ESI stepped into action to complete the renderings and drawings for approval by the school and review and stamping by the structural engineer of record. Simultaneously, the majority of the materials were ordered and shop fabrication was started mid-July and completed 24 days later. During these 24 days the site was surveyed by a civil engineer, and trees were removed, and pruned, stumps ground below grade and installation areas cleared of brush and debris and finally prepped for construction. 

    Before the first pole could be stood up, the cleared site was first laid out with wooden stakes and flags; holes were carefully augured; crushed stone then tamped as a foundation base; only then could the 55’ class II CCA treated utility poles be installed and the soil backfilled and hydraulically tamped to a minimum 90% of its original compaction. Poles once plumed and installed are outfitted with elevated platforms and belay beams. Guy anchors and tension cables are installed to support the structure before activities are hung. 

    Platforms are then decked and activities and belay cables get suspended and trimmed out. Angled access net and spiral pole climbs are put in so guest can get on the ropes course. Finally, Quickjumps are hung and tested; security systems and access prevention are completed and landscaping gets done.

    The above, while no small feat of its own, is more impressive when you find out that a separate crew was across the property installing a six sided climbing structure called the Tango Tower and a dual zipline down a hillside. 

    The Tango Tower has twelve climbing routes, is 50’ tall and quite impressive with the camps logo custom designed as a climbing feature on one of the climbing walls. Other climbing routes include challenge course favorites like the Dangle Duo and Rope Ladders and Cargo Nets. Rounding out the other vertical challenges are the Centipede Climb, The Spinning Bead Climb and the Wicked X Climb. An impressive top deck with a cargo net center and shade sails allows for multiple program participants and staff to hang out and enjoy the view.

    The dual-zipline just up the road was designed with a takeoff deck just a few feet above the ground at the edge of a hillside. Two zipline ridder can zip simultaneously downhill at up to 25mph right after they have been outfitted in a harness by staff and gone through a pre-flight safety briefing. 

    All and all the installation took just 43 days on site and was worked on by more than 14 ropes course specialists from Illinois based Experiential Systems. ESI was able to complete what most vendors could not with their small and limited staff. Several other regional and national ropes course vendors declined the project telling the school that they didn’t have the staff or resources to complete a project of this size within the timelines that the grant and bid requirements specified. This is not a surprise when you learn that many of the ropes course firms in the marketplace are small mom and pop enterprises operating from a house. Compared to Experiential Systems, these companies can’t compete with their industry experience, size of their office and manufacturing space; access to materials and equipment; the number of staff they employ and the certifications and trainings held by those staff.  

    Projects like this are no problem for a company like Experiential Systems, because it’s what they do every day all year round. They design, manufacture and install some of the most beautiful and functional challenge course structures and programs in the industry. If you’re looking for a new high ropes course, teambuilding course, climbing tower or zip line please give experiential systems a call at (877) 206-8967 or send an e-mail to 

  • ESI Installes First US Hilo Challenge Dome

    ESI Installes First US Hilo Challenge Dome

    Kansas Dinasour Park installes Hilo Challenge Dome


    Hilo Challenge Dome opened May 25, 2018 at Filed Station Dinosaurs in Derby Kansas marking a great and adventurous partnership.

    [May 27, 2018: Derby Kansas] Hilo Challenge Domes is made its adventurous debut in Derby Kansas at Field Station Dinosaurs May 25, 2018. This is the first Hilo Challenge Dome in the United States. 

    Hilo partnered with Keith Jacobs of Experiential Systems. Experiential Systems manufactured the aerial features, provided training for the operators, and completed the inaugural inspection. Jared Krupa of K2 Engineering has brought his experience and talent to the project. Milton Manufacturing of Detroit Michigan manufactured the steel sub-structure. 

    The Hilo Challenge Dome takes the challenge course concept in a new direction, integrating aerial features throughout the dome structure. “We have brought together the best in the industry to complete this project and make a great U.S. debut of the Hilo Challenge Dome at Field Station Dinosaur,” said Kim Toogood, Hilo’s President. 

    Field Station Dinosaur is a new theme park with more than 30 life size animatronic dinosaurs in a 14-acre dinosaur adventure theme park. Other notable features of the park include miniature golf, the paleontologists’ laboratory, 3D movie theater, life amphitheater shows, fossil digs, concessions and more. 

    This exciting new partnership will bring all-weather, low-cost excitement for families visiting Field Station Dinosaurs. The Hilo Challenge Dome will provide physical activity and a unique atmosphere for ages 2 and older. This multi-level dome gets more challenging as you move up in levels. The three levels are 35 inches, ten feet, and 22 feet off the ground where families can expect a new type of connection, safe environment for risk taking, and confidence building.


    CONTACT: Keith Jacobs, Experiential Systems, Inc. President


  • ACCT Exhibits Partners

    ACCT Exhibits Partners

    February 5, 2018 at 6:00 AM
    ESI partners with European gear manufacturer International Safety Components (ISC) and Canadian ropes course company Challenges Unlimited


    In what many would call a unique and well defined partnership European equipment manufacturer ISC, US based challenge course designer and installer and Canadian Ropes Course vendor Challenges Unlimited collaborated on a unique shared space and front row spot at the 2018 Association for Challenge Course Technologies (ACCT) annual conference in Fort Worth Texas. 


    In addition to being able to play with all the ISC belay devices, carabiners and trolleys so well loved by the industry, conference attendees could learn about Edelrid harnesses, helmets and smart belay systems. Additionally, neither ropes course vendor works in the other’s territory based on current NAFTA regulations and were well suited to provide relevant education to clients without fear of losing a potential lead to a competitor. 


    Its great to see collaboration like this in the industry many ACCT conference attendees remarked; and the international connection made for one stop shopping, say others. 


    Make sure to find these vendors at the 2019 ACCT conference in Denver, CO and see their newest products, and connect with friendly faces. 

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